How to delete a Store

October 2, 2023

There may be a time you wish to delete a store that is no longer being used in order to clean up your dashboard. To do this follow the below steps

1. Login to your seller dashboard.

2. In the top right hand corner click on the drop down arrow next to your profile picture

3. Click the store you want to delete from the dropdown list.  

4. On the left side navigation bar click on preferences.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the preferences page and click on the Delete Store button.  This action will permanently remove your store and everything that you have created in it, so ensure this is what you actually want to do.

6. A popup will appear, warning you that it cannot be undone.  If you want to back out, press Cancel, or if you still wish to remove your store, press Yes Remove.

7. If you have pressed to remove you will get a confirmation message, to say the store has been removed.

8. You will then be returned to the dashboard where you are free to create a new store.

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