Creating a new store on Moteefe

June 1, 2023

Follow this guide to create a new store under your chosen team or personal account on Moteefe. It's crucial to ensure you're in the correct account, as stores can't be transferred later.

Step 1: Select the Correct Account

Before you start, make sure you're in the appropriate team or personal account where you want to create the store.

Step 2: Navigate to 'All Stores'

Find the 'All Stores' menu item on the left-hand navigation panel or choose the 'Stores' dropdown located on the top-right of the header bar, next to your profile picture.

Step 3: Initiate Store Creation

On the 'All Stores' page, click 'Create a Store'. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to name your store and select its region.

Step 4: Set Store Details

In the pop-up window, enter your store's name and select the intended region for your store. The options include Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America.

Step 5: Confirm Store Creation

After entering the store name and selecting the region, click 'Create Store'. A confirmation dialog box will open. To proceed with the creation, click 'Yes, I'm happy with my choice'. The 'All Stores' page will create and list your new store.

Step 6: Navigate Between Stores

If you manage multiple stores, you can easily switch between them from the 'All Stores' page or the dropdown in the header next to your profile picture.

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