Guide to setting up a cross-sell

July 18, 2023

Setting up cross-sell on your Moteefe store can boost sales by suggesting additional campaigns to your buyers at a discounted rate. This can increase the average order value and overall revenue. You can select up to four cross-sell products per campaign.

Follow these steps to set up cross-sell for your campaigns:

Step 1: Navigate to campaign management

Click on 'Campaigns' in the left-hand navigation menu to access the campaign management screen. Here, you'll see a list of your campaigns.

Step 2: Access sales strategies

Next to each campaign, under the 'Actions' column, you'll see a 'Sales Strategies' icon. Click on this icon to access the cross-sell and upsell page for the selected campaign.

Step 3: Enable cross-sell

Once you're on the sales strategies page, look for the option labeled 'Cart Cross-Sell'. Enable cross-sell by clicking on the radio button next to it. 

Step 4: Add cross-sell Campaigns

To add campaigns to the cross-sell, click on 'Add Campaign'. A pop-up will appear, displaying all the campaigns available in your store. Use the search field to find specific campaigns, or simply scroll through the list to find the campaigns you wish to add.

Step 5: Select and add Campaigns

Click on a campaign to select it for cross-sell. Remember, you can choose up to four campaigns for cross-selling. Once you've selected the desired campaigns, click 'Add to Cross-Sell', followed by 'Save Settings' in the 'Cart Cross-Sell' section.

Step 6: Publish changes

Finally, navigate back to 'Campaigns' in the left-hand navigation menu and click 'Publish Changes'. This will make the cross-sell live on your Moteefe store.

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