Creating a discount

November 27, 2023

Creating discounts for your customers is a great way to stimulate sales and incentivize larger purchases. Moteefe allows you to create both targeted and untargeted discounts, each with unique benefits. Targeted discounts are available only to users with a specific promo code, making them great for exclusive promotions. 

Here's how to create a discount:

Step 1: Navigate to the discount screen

Click on 'Discounts' in the left-hand navigation to reach the discount screen.

Step 2: Create a new discount

On the discount screen, click 'Create a New Discount.' A pop-up will appear asking you to select the type of discount and whether it should be targeted or untargeted. 

- Storewide discounts can be either free shipping or a percentage off the total purchase. 

- Campaign-specific discounts can either be a percentage off or a fixed amount off (i.e., $5 off).

Step 3: Select an audience

Choose the audience for your discount - 'Everyone' for an untargeted discount or 'Targeted' for a targeted discount.

Step 4: Create the discount

Click 'Create Discount.' You will be directed to the discount details page.

Step 5: Customize the discount

On the discount details page, you can:

- Name your discount.

- Set the amount or percentage off for the discount.

- Define a promo code (only for targeted discounts).

- Set a minimum cart value for the discount to apply.

After you've finished customizing your discount, click 'Create Discount.'

Step 6: Activate the discount

After creating the discount, you'll return to the discount screen. Here you can copy the promo code link (if applicable) and toggle the discount on and off.

To activate the discount in your store, click 'Publish Changes.' The discount is now live and applicable to eligible purchases.

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