Known domain provider issues

June 1, 2023

Some domain providers from time to time require some additional manual steps to get your custom domains working with our platform.


When you initially purchase a domain name from NameCheap, they populate your DNS settings with 3 placeholder records:

When our automated connection amends your DNS record it replaces 2 of these entries, but leaves the URL redirect in place, which needs to be removed or your store will have performance / connectivity issues. This can be done before or after you use our tool, but the preference would be to do it before. To do this:

1. Log in to Name Cheap and go to your dashboard.

2. Find the URL you wish to amend, and press manage.

3. Click on the advanced DNS tab.

4. Click on the trash can next to URL Redirect

5. It will ask you whether you really want to delete the record, click Yes.

Now you are ready to connect your domain to our platform!

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