How to edit a Campaign on your store

July 18, 2023

Guide to Editing a Campaign on Your Moteefe Store

On the Moteefe platform, you have the freedom to edit all aspects of your campaign, which includes altering products, colors, adding or removing artwork, adjusting custom text, changing prices, modifying product names and descriptions, and more.

Here are the steps to edit a campaign:

Step 1: Navigate to Campaign Management

Start by clicking on 'Campaigns' in the left-hand navigation menu. This action will direct you to the campaign management screen.

Step 2: Select the Campaign to edit

From the list of campaigns on the management screen, locate the campaign you want to edit. Next to each campaign, you will find an 'Edit' icon. Click on this icon to open the campaign editor.

Step 3: Reorder products within the Campaign

In the edit campaign screen, you have the ability to reorder the products within the campaign. Moving a product to the top of the list makes it the "cover product." The cover product is the first one shown to buyers when they visit the campaign's URL.

Step 4: Dive deeper into Campaign editing

To further edit aspects of your campaign, click 'Edit Campaign.' This will take you into the multiproduct builder flow, where you can modify the products, artwork, text, and more.

Step 5: Save and publish changes

Once you are satisfied with the changes you've made, navigate back to the campaign management screen and click 'Publish Changes.' This will make your edited campaign live.

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