Applying multiple artwork layers in the multi-product Builder

June 1, 2023

Moteefe's multi-product builder allows you to layer multiple artwork designs for a more customised and complex product design. Let's walk through the process of applying more than one artwork layer within the multiproduct builder:

Step 1: Open the Multi-product builder

Navigate to the campaign you wish to edit, then click on the 'Edit Campaign' button. This will take you into the multiproduct builder flow.

Step 2: Add an artwork layer

If it’s a product without any layers applied to it already, click on 'Image' in the right-hand menu. If you already have one or more layers, click 'Add Another Layer to This Design' and then click 'Image'.

Step 3: Upload or select your artwork

You will see two options for adding an image layer: 

- Upload Image: Click on this option to browse and upload a new image file from your computer. Ensure the image file is in a compatible format (like .PNG or .JPG) and of suitable quality.

- Choose from Your Artwork Library: If you have previously uploaded images, you can select one from your library. Just click on the image you wish to use.

Step 4: Position and resize your artwork

Once your image is uploaded or selected, it will appear on your product. You can adjust its size by using the corner handles of the image box. To move the artwork around, simply click and drag it to your desired position.

Step 5: Repeat the process for additional layers

For additional artwork layers, simply repeat steps 2 to 4. Remember, each added layer will appear on top of the previous one, so plan your design accordingly.

Step 6: Save your design

When you're happy with your multi-layered artwork, click 'Save Changes'. Then click 'Publish Changes' on the campaign management screen to update your campaign.

By following these steps, you can successfully apply multiple artwork layers within Moteefe's multi-product builder. Utilising this feature allows for the creation of intricate designs, enhancing the variety of products you can offer your customers. Remember to always review and make changes to your design before publishing to ensure it looks as you intended. Happy designing with Moteefe!

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