Flexibility and control

More flexibility and control over your business

Account security
Invite your team members to collaborate on your stores. Organise teams by store for increased flexibility and security.
Flexible cross and upsell
All our features are flexible and can be fully controlled by you to deliver the best experience and performance.
Pricing flexibility
Set your retail prices for different SKUs enabling you to boost your profit with an extra 20%.
Dynamic campaign pages
Upload multiple designs and mock-ups to campaign pages to offer new experiences to your buyers.
Cart-based discounting
Decide when and how you want to offer discounts. You can put a minimum spend value to increase basket value.
Printing partners
Choose the printer you want to work with to optimize delivery times and help protect your brand online​.


Recommended by some of the worlds’ leading POD experts​

POD expert since 2017
The new campaign pages and tools for cross and upsell have proven highly effective. I can now sell 100s of items within days, and the best part is that my PO ratio is 1.6 or more on most days, allowing me to earn more money and reinvest in scaling.
UI / UX Designer
Our user-centric platform is born from in-depth research & feedback from top POD entrepreneurs. We’ve crafted a stunning and user-friendly platform that our merchants love, making it easier than ever for them to create and sell their unique products with Moteefe.
Founder & CEO
We have hired some of the brightest minds in Engineering and Product to develop a flexible platform that can grow with our sellers. We can and will deliver more features and merch than ever before so join the ride and let’s grow your business together.

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